Visitor Safety Information

Please take care when walking around the showground and Car Park area’s, as although the grass is fairly flat,the airfield is a military training ground and so past exercises and movement has seen ruts appear so please be mindful when walking across the grassed area’s.

Be mindful also of Marquee structures and Gazebo’s that have guide ropes attached and stay behind all crowdline barriers as they are there for your safety to protect yourselves from the live aircraft operating area’s or the arena displays.

Your Safety on Hygiene & Protection (Under COVID-19 regulations only)

We encourage our visitors to bring along handwipes, or handwash gel. There are limited handwash gel stations within the toilet facilities & separate handwash stations but they can run out. Equally, face masks are welcome to be worn and we encourage this.

Social distancing is to be observed with the 2 metre rule between each individual. As the public numbers entering are limited, there will be ample space to walk freely around the showground. Exhibitors will be sited apart from each other with plenty of space to walk around them.


Please stay behind all crowdline barriers – aircraft are very dangerous and the barriers are there to protect yourselves from the live aircraft operating area’s. Please also make sure you either take your rubbish home with you or put into the bins provided around the showground as loose rubbish could be ingested into aircraft engines, in turn causing a problem.


After handling animals please wash your hands at the toilet facilities.

Exhibitor and Classic Vehicles

Movement of these vehicles during show opening hours is forbidden unless it is an emergency situation. Emergency vehicles may need to transit the showground and Car Park area’s so please do keep a vigilant watch and take care should an emergency response vehicle need access. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time in the set up hours as instructed on the briefing notes sent to you.

Lost Children

Lost children should be brought to the Event Control Tent, located at the front of the crowdline by Air Traffic Control.

Lost Property

Please keep personal possessions with you at all times. All lost property should be handed in at Event Control, located by Air Traffic Control at the front of the crowdline.

First Aid

The First Aid facility is located close to Event Control and all accidents should be reported there, as soon as possible.


Please report any suspicious items to Event Control, located by Air Traffic Control – Event Protection Services will be patrolling the site aswell as a hub located within Event Control.

Show Marshals will also be patrolling the showground and they can also be approached should you see anything suspicious. Do look after your personal belongings.


Please help keep the showground and car park area’s clean and tidy by putting all your litter in the litter bins provided. The airfield will be fully active with aircraft and loose litter pose a great danger to them.


Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome on the showground. Please be sure to clear up after your dog. If you do leave your dog in your car, ensure that it has sufficient air and does not get too hot, dehydrated or distressed.


There is no camping available on the airfield. However, a suggested camping site are as follows:

Ye Old Swan Camping , Radcot Road, Radcot OX18 2SX

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01367 810220

Notice to the Public

The Organisers accept no responsibility for any claim in respect of damage, loss or accident (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person, aircraft owner, vehicle, exhibit / trade stands and anything in connection with the show, howsoever caused, in connection with or arising from the Show and those concerned shall be deemed to have accepted this condition before entering the showsite on this Ministry of Defence Land.